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    Character Discussion

      What characters are you most hoping to see in The Amazing Spider-Man game? What characters are your favorites so far?

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          I hope to see The Tinkerer and Alaister Smythe, or Spencer

          I want to see what Morbius looks like, and I hope he doesn't turn to a Vampire

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            Id love to see some hidden secrets about what is next in the inevitable sequel of TASM. Maybe a hidden  Easter Egg as to the next major villain in the series. But Shocker needs to make a return to the video game universe. Id like to see Cletus Kasady as a miniboss BEFORE he was Carnage. Sort of like a Victor Zsasz character. Norman Osborn should show up, since OSCORP is being used. ID LOVE to see Mr. Negative as a miniboss. Spot would be an interesting character to use, as would SCORPION. In fact, since we have the Rhino and the Lizard, maybe the villains should all be animal based. Who knows?

            All I know is that they should add several characters that the general audience would not know about.

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              I always wanted to see some villains that were rarely or never used in a game. One of those is Puma. With the hybrid villains concept used in this game, I think he would fit really well. Also love the idea of Cletus Kasady, just as Cletus Kasady.


              I would also like to see some Mobsters, like Silvermane, Hammerhead and Tombstone, only if he's like he was in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. Oh, and Black Tarantula, definitely want to see him. Kraven could also make a comeback with all these monsters running loose.


              Others I'd like to see.


              - Molten Man

              - Shocker

              - Swarm

              - Speed Demon (I don't think we ever had a Speedster Villain in a game.)

              - White Rabbit (Just for the WTF? factor. XD)

              - The Enforcers

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                Venom, Carnage, Black Cat, Kraven

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                  Yeah, unknown villains are awesome. Puma would be an interesting choice, especially considering the hybrid villains idea.


                  Yeah Id love the idea of a side mission or reference to the serial killer Cletus, before he was Carnage. I think Tombstone should make an appearance in video game format. Black Tarantula, never thought of him. Kraven would be a good choice too...


                  Swarm & Speed Demon would make for an interesting fights.

                  Always nice to have female villains, (white rabbit)


                  After Marvel vs Capcom I want to see Taskmaster in this....Its not TOO far-fetched....Considering one time Spider-man thought Taskmaster had Mary Jane (or something) when she was kidnapped. They fought and ComicVine says Taskmaster constantly runs into Spidey. Heck, Juggernaut was in SMSD, why not Taskmaster in this?

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                    I want to see the Scarlet Spider (don't care if it's BenReilly or Kaine).  I'm sure that they would include Morbius, Norman Osborn, Allistair Smythe, and maybe the Jackal(this one is wishful thinking) just because of how the story is being set up.

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                      I would love it for Shocker to return to the Video Game World. But I guess he can't because of the hybrid villain thing. Unless he is mixed with eel DNA.


                      I would also love to see proto goblin. (Because he was supposed to be the main villain in this movie)


                      It would also be cool to see Doc Ock as a 10 ft. octopus or something.

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                        Eel man, just when you thought his reputation in these games couldn't get any lower

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                          Well assuming she doesnt die in the movie, I'd want to see some parts of the game with Peter's personal life with Gwen Stacy, perhaps including Aunt May.

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