Black Ops II PlayStation 3

Right my sons ps3 stopped playing ps3 games awhile ago so we bought him a new one. And after reading all the horror storys on the net i assumed it was the blueray drive that was knackerd. So i just left it thinking ill fix it one day and my girlfriend could use it. But then yesterday i came across something on the net that made me dig it out and check and now bang it works. So apparently the code is either faulty hardware (blue ray) or or a data fault relating to the hdd so i went through the check list

1.Does the disc spin (yes)

2.Can it play blue ray films (yes)

3.Is the lens dirty (no because i cleaned it and still wont play games)

4.Go into safe mode and run option 3 then 4 (did this still nothing)

Then one little comment caught my eye saying that his ps3 did exactly same after it had a little knock and all the problem was that the hdd was not seated correctly so after taking it out and putting it back it making sure you press firly but not over do it. The error has gone ive tried dozens of discs left it overnight and still no error ITS FIXED yeah i would reccomend anyone with this error code to try it before spending any money cheers

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Thanks for this.

It hasn't happened to me, but I bookmark stuff like this for future reference.

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