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500 songs went to trash?


so how can it be that 500 "guitar hero live designed" songs were just thrown away like trash?

well.. i guess they weren't thrown like merely garbage and instead they are probably archived in some hard drive in the depths of activision's HQ.

Release it to the public!!! you already worked hard to make those songs suitable for the guitar hero live platform.

You do know that there is something called "DLC" and it's not that new of a concept.. i mean.. a lot of other games do it, WHY CAN'T YOU?!?!?!

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I'd feel disrespected if they released 500 songs that were previously free were released as dlc tbh

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Free DLC of course!

As u probably know.. the TV mode was a song streaming platform so we didn't actually have the songs on our storage device, they were streamed form activision's servers(or cloud or whatever).

If every player would have downloaded the songs to his device, then the TV mode could potentially work again [=

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@r_melamed I've got all the GHTV songs charts, and most of the unreleased songs from GHTV.


So really it's about 700 songs to the trash D


The GHTV servers are still up, you just can't get onto them, instead they just make you download some killswitch file that makes it so you can't get into GHTV.


But it's still up on there server at


We have even ported all the GHTV songs to CH now too Smiley Very Happy 


So they are not all wasted now -

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Ma non si può sapere cosa faranno? non possono mettere un annuncio? ci fanno stare così senza sapere niente.

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