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Channels/music looping daily


Hey there, fellow GHTV players. 


I'm not sure if this has been brought up elsewhere before, but has anyone else noted that the music played in the GHTV appears to just loop daily? I played this game a lot on PS4 when it first came out, and I've been on and off the game quite often ever since (especially after the introduction of the Rivals Arena). I'm not sure how long this "problem" has been there, but lately (maybe a month ago or more), I realised that I always end up playing the exact same songs, in the exact same order at the exact same time any day that I play the game. I can't speak for Channel 2 as I hardly ever play on that one, but as for Channel 1 it's as if the music is stuck in a pre-defined daily loop.  


As someone who picks up the guitar to play a few songs for an hour or two, usually at around the same time everyday, this makes the whole GHTV mode quite repetitive (which is the complete opposite of why I loved this mode to begin with).  I know this game doesn't get as much attention as it used to (with new songs being added, new premium setlists and player cards/highways etc.), but I see no reason why the channels just doesn't randomize the music (based on whatever theme is up) anymore. At least I think it did just that. 


Oh, and also: There is another particularly annoying thing I've easily taken note of due to the non-randomized music, and that is that there is always, at least, one short time during the day that the game simply crashes on the PS4 whenever you're conntected or try to connect to GHTV. It's right at the start of the 14:45-break (GMT+2) and it's impossible to access the GHTV mode until the next song (I think it's Down Boys by Warrant) has ended. After that, it works just fine again. 


I'm not really expecting a solution to the "problem", I'm just curious if anyone else has taken note of this. Or, maybe, it's just me going insaneSmiley Indifferent


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Yeah the game has been repeating the same stuff for along time.


It's always pretty random most of the time and unpredictable, from what i can tell they picked show blocks for a week so it was bit different but they have been playing random weeks from the end of augest to december.


So whatever played around augest to what is playing now and it just random weeks from them months.


the only thing that happened differently was A7X classics playing for one week but has never showed up again.


Which is very upsetting as the channels is my fav part about the game and it repeating all the time kinda makes me sad, i always ask but nothing comes out of it.


I missed it with new show blocks every week and new stuff to get hyped about to update my show block page.

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