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I bought the game GUITAR HERO LIVE for PS4 yesterday (january 21, 2015) and I've not been able to connect to guitar hero tv (GHTV) since. And in addition, also it is not saving my score in the Guitar Hero Live.

I tried everything I read here on this forum:

a) Resetted the game, multiple times; then resetted the playstation 4; then resetted my router;

b) Deleted the game data and installed it again;

c) Used DNS ;

Every time, it just says the same thing:


The Guitar Hero Live service is not available.

Please try again later.

There's not even one of the error messages that is showing in the forum, it's just it.

I see MANY people complaining about the same problem in other plataforms too, like xbox one, xbox 360, ps3 and wiiU. The activision needs to do something to fix this problem as soon as possible. I play several online games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear V, Call of Duty, Fifa 16 and never had any trouble.

What do I do? I really want to play GHTV, and it don't work!

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Greetings Cassy82

Apologies for the delayed response! We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues connecting to the GHTV service. Are you playing on a wired or wireless connection? Are you by any chance sharing your internet connection?

Let's go ahead and clear the in-game GHTV cache. This setting will be found in the game's main menu options, then restart your PS4. Once you have restarted the PS4 and are on the game's main screen, let's try accessing GHTV by using the GHTV button found on the Guitar Controller (right next to the Power button).

If these steps will not solve the issue, let's try giving the steps found under Test your home network from the next article a try: Activision Support

Keep us posted with your results!

Best Regards ^SP

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Really Activision? Like for reals? Here you help people but all the people who bought your game on the iOS platform posting about the same issue and this very forum are all left with silence and are ignored? Having paid for the game and unable to play online? Is this how you treat your customers? Isn’t that kind of a platform racism happening here? Christ, you guys are really disgusting in how you deal, or rather don’t deal with these customers. Never ever will you get a dime from us again. Shame, shame, shame...

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Hey, so Itried your recommendations to help this problem but it did nothing, you should actually do something other than giving us general answers that anyone else would give us and actually start looking into the problem. My GHTV has been like this for 4-5 months and I’m really starting to get pissed off.

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