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I have experienced a problem for some time now, I have at least 5 friends who also play Guitar Hero TV (one of which I play regularly with in person) but have no friend scores on the leaderboard. 


Before one of the game updates i had a couple of friends scores but ALL have now disappeared, with only one friend who incidentally was added AFTER an update to the game.


I have today uninstalled the game, rebuilt my PS4 database then reinstalled GH - with still no friend's scores on the leaderboards.


The person i regularly play with 2 player does not have my scores in their leaderboard either but has all their other friends scores AND my 2nd account scores... (the fact they have a 2nd and even 3rd account has NO effect on their own leaderboards).


Given I have already tried a PS4 database rebuild can activision please suggest a "fix" or whether they are aware of an issue please?


 EDIT: I also experience frequent game crashes.

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Registered: ‎25-03-2017
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