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Guitar hero 5

Guitar Hero 5

Ok I just got the game guitar hero 5 from a friend, I put the game in and go to install it and then my ps3 beeps 3 times then it would go to a black screen and freeze there. This happened alot so after like the 7 time trying I just decided to let it sit there on the black screen. Then after like 10 min it starts to download, then it stays on 0% and then miners left keeps going up to 951 then I cut of ps3 to try again same thing happens so I let it sit there and it finally gets to 1% then five min past and it goes to 2% then another amount of time and it went to 3%. I decided to go to the kitchen and when i get back it's done and my screen it stuck on the screen with the skull with golden horn with two snakes in the background and it just sits there I try pressing every button and it still sits there. The only button that works is the PS button I press it twice and the screen is transcendent and it has the timer in top right corner spinning I wait like 10 min and it finally goes down. And the skull screens still there. I city ps3 off and try again same thing happens. I have tryed like 20 time and still nothing. I let it sit for like 3 hours and still nothing! I even let it sit over night but idk if it worked cuz I woke up this morning with my ps3 off, so I try again and still nothing. Come on guys and gals I really need y'all's help. I've had world tour, worriers of rock and smash hits for 3 years and I'm getting tired of playing the same songs over and over again. If anyone knows anything about this pls help me. 😢

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Registered: ‎26-11-2016
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