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Searching for a new Drum Set (Wii)

Guitar Hero 5


My Rock Band 2 drum set, of six years working, finally broke a few years ago. I haven't had my own money to spend freely until now and am searching for a new, if not fairly new (Used) Drum Set to replace the old one that served me so well. I was hoping that the people at Harmonix could help me in finding another set of drums, but they have yet to be able to help, so I can return to my rock and roll pass time (As I could Expert most of the songs on Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band 2). I had so much fun those six years and was extremely upset when the fun had to end.

If it is possible to buy a Drum Set that works for both Rock Band and Guitar Hero (Preferably the Pro Cymbals Expansion), that would be even better than expected!

And to specify, I am looking for a Wii Drum set. I am eagerly awaiting a response, as this will be a Birthday Present for myself when the time comes.

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Registered: ‎20-09-2016
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