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A hero of GH needed

Guitar Hero Community


Hi all!


There's this mobile game that I'm playing and  an event came up that has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. It's a guitar hero type of game.

Problem is I suck at this and many players seem to have way more experience than I do. There's a special reward for top ranks which I really want (I know, it's just pixels) but I don't have a chance to even get near it.

Is there anyone who could lend me a hand (literally)? There are 10 stages that need to be completed with the number of taps varying from 300 to 800 and it requires 4 fingers (there are 4 lines). I'd appreciate it if anyone would take a few minutes of their time for one miserable little mobile gamer *blush*.


Please pm me if you can help. Cheers!

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Registered: ‎06-09-2019
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