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Anyone still play Guitarhero World tour?

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I play it sometimes, nowadays I'm just playing GH3.

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If anyone wants to play career band/quickplay band I'm always up for some good songs o.o

Just give me a PM of what time, and your FC and also I'll need your time zone so I can figure out when to get on my time lolz

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MrSprinkles666 wrote:


Does anyone play guitar hero at all, not on Aerosmith, not on Van Halen, not even GH5...

I feel the same way,i never find a match in WT,Van Halen or Band Hero ,can someone please help me finish band career in GH:WT my gamertag is in my signature if you are interested.

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yup, same here... I still play GHWT... although last I played it was 2 weeks ago before GHWoR came out... I still play all my GH and usually go back to playing them all after I'm done with the latest one (or game) I have. GHWT is one of my fave along with GH3 and GHM...

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I play just for the 3 Tool songs.

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i play it, add me


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I can't play online ever since I got Guitar Hero 5 cause I imported my old DLC to GH5. Whenever I attempt to play online I get an error

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I used to play it, now I don't. Reason: my brother is stuck on playing CoD: MW2 And, my drum set for GH World Tour is dead.

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i still play. its the only guitar hero i have at the moment..

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I'd love to play WT, but I'm on the Wii and the servers for the Wii have been off for quite some time now.

Please fix WT for the Wii so we can rock out !

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