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Anyone still play Guitarhero World tour?

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Thats the only game i have!

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Registered: ‎13-01-2012

Hey hows it going, i still play World Tour along with Aerosmith, GH5, Metallica, Smash Hits, in fact i am currently playing Smash Hits and i picked up Rockband AC/DC, I dont like the gameplay as well as GH but i love most of there songs. I also have GHWOR and have downloaded numerous songs to add to the playlist. So if you ever need a band member on any of the mentioned games jus holla. The only bad thing is i have a bum pinky finger on left hand which does not help on the more difficult game play, but a can jam on almost any song, 96 to 100 percent on easy mode, its gonna take therapy on hand to once again play those riffs on medium or higher which sucks! Send a message when your available to play and we can rock, that is if you dont mind easy mode, i can try medium but the movement in my finger is still slow and lacks the stretch i need to reach those blue and orange notes! Sorry message so long, i just linked my system up tonight for the first time and this is my first message to anyone that i saw still plays the older GH'S. If you know anyone else who still plays the older games maybe we could jam some tunes together. ttyl

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i playing ghwt too dude on PS3 (:

if you want rock with me add me ID "Heart_of_Fate" cyya ^^

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I play WT,M and 5 add me if any1s looking to bandup= Chuckar0o215(xbox)

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I do add me Jokerfighter46 I play anything ps3

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Registered: ‎25-12-2012

yes on xbox 360

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Registered: ‎27-12-2012

I still play on 360.

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I play on 360 gamertag karomae

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I have all gh games for both systems looking for people to play with. Xbox live gt is DoMo1432 PSN is tappingout. Hmu

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yes y i got the game do you want to beat me in the game its for wii k

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Registered: ‎12-01-2013
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