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GH3, WT, and 5 DLC found on my old PSN account

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So....recently I looked at my download list on my old account to come across some DLC for these games you can't get anymore. It isn't much for DLC but it is some.
I'll list all I have found for each game.

GH3: Boss Battles track pack
God of war add-on

Holiday single "We Three Kings"
"I am Murlock" World of Warcraft Single
July 4th 2008 Holiday single

GHWT: The Touch by Stan Bush

Activision Music Track Pack

GH5: Lied der Deutschen

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Registered: ‎07-07-2015

Hit me up if you'd be able to share those. I lost all my dlc songs due to forgetting the password for my old account that I used to buy them so it'd be nice to have even some of them back

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hey i just saw this i was wondering if you could gameshare with me for these dlcs


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Hello could you share with me your dlc, s please

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If your still active, I'd like to take boss battle pack, god of war song, the touch, Activision music pack and lied der deutschen
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in reply to UCD_28164989257

please share dlcs with me, i came late and activision removed all dlcs when i finally bought gh games.

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Would anyone like to share DLC? I have GHWT and Death Magnetic. I'm looking for Smash Hits and Band Hero. I know it's hard to trust a stranger with this stuff but we can try to figure out a situation where both of us are comfortable

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