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Guitar Hero PS3 guitar controller, receiver/dongle compatibility

Guitar Hero Forums

Hello guys! I'm new here and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask but I don't know where else I should go.

So my question is this.. I have GH: World tour guitar and dongle. Now my guitar is broken and I wanted a new one.. I found one from eBay but is the GH: Legends of Rock guitar (Les Paul).. the problem is, it doesn't come with the dongle/receiver. So I would like to know if my existing receiver will work on the Les Paul Guitar? I really need to know so please someone help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Registered: ‎29-11-2014

Nope, sorry. The Guitar Hero 3 guitar has it's own separate dongle that looks like this!B+)wQE!B2k~$(KGrHqN,...

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I have a guitar hero Kramer striker PS3 guitar but don't have the dongle if I buy a ps2 dongle for this guitar would it work for my PS3? The games I play are guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 3 and guitar hero warriors of rock 

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