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Guitar Hero: Rebirth (fanfic/wishlist)

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and "still alive" was one of the two songs I downloaded from rb3. Makes me laugh.

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Hmm.. I quite like the Rock Band DLC. I'm still hoping to download more, along with the GH5 and Metallica update.

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I wouldn't recommend the Metallica update - it keeps messing up everybody's consoles.

There's some problem with it glitching out when paired with certain songs.

A bit like how SH requires a seperate SD, but much worse.

Definitely get GH5, though. My favourite songs are in there.

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True, it is troublesome, but that's why we have updates unless they are making things worse. But, at least I have GH5 and Warriors of Rock. I never really given a thought when comes for the title, I just want to put what I want to see.I guess the name I would go for right now is Guitar Hero: Reborn, I can't think anything else and It's just because I want to see a Guitar Hero game that is more like the first three games, what with signature moves and star power special effects you can see on the characters (GH3 pc for example) and the theme. And I can agree we need alot more dlc.

On a side note, I do want to see a mode where we can possibly reach a ridiculously high score , given the excessive amount of star power gems to use, search and watch
on youtube.

Are there any other good songs from other countries to include?

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l love guitar hero would tour
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