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Guitar Hero: Rebirth (fanfic/wishlist)

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Months ago, I had an idea for the next Guitar Hero game and I wanted to base the story on todays generation or rather the change in the music.Bands selling out, hearing more of the same(most of the time), spirit of rock is dying. I wanted to have this game to be more like GH2 and GH3.

Title - Guitar Hero: Rebirth

Players: 2-4

Premise: From the "Band" ending of GHWT, the band has sold themselves out, only to fall prey to Lu's trap, through temptation and false hope for eternal fame an fortune. Ultimately, bands have sold themselves to the devil for fame and foretune, killing the spirit of rock. Only a few true rockers have seen this tragedy and became disgusted by this obsenity. Lars, Axel, Judy, and a new rocker(user made character) will have to step up and fight this force that is destroying the spirit of rock and bring on the rebirth.

Opening: Taking place after Guitar Hero 2 and before Guitar Hero 3, in the dead of night Psychobilly, a warrior of rock battles Lu at a graveyard for thefate of rock. The fight seemed endless and just when Billy was about t o gain the upperhand, Lu cheated by sending his minions after him, causing the rocker to lose the battle and was ultimately killed.

Career Intro: Fast foward,after Guitar Hero World Tour, most of the cast have sold out and living the luxury without a care in the world. Lars, Judy, Axel urged them to stand up and bring back true rock, after seeing what has become of the music. But everyone refused, rather live the easy life than living true. Eventually, they heard news of a new rock(player) was arrested for breaking into a music company building and "tagged" exspensive items in protest against big music companies killing of the music and freedom to rock on. The  three decided to break him/her out of jail and share on the path to bring back true spirit of rock, as it should be.

*Note: Lu's minions are actually upstarts who claim to be rockers, rather posuers, but only to make bad music and sell their souls to Lu for fame and money. They are nothing more than fakers than true rockers and know nothing about the basics nor the spirit of rocking out.

GH:R Career

Venue 1: Club Corkscrew

Aerials - System of a Down

Stars - Hum

Motorhead - Motorhead

All I Want - Offspring

Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World

Encore: Party Hard  - Andrew W.K.

Venue 2: Public Riot

Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf

Polyamorous- Breaking Benjamin

From the Heart - Hoobastank

1 Step Klser - Linkin Park (Reanimation)

Real American - Rick Derringer

Battle Johnny Napalm - Zero Signal - Fear Factory

Encore: What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Cutscene: The band being inviewed. Suggesting they go where they are needed, their ongs can be downloaded for free off the web, and the lead(player) doing the X-Pac(WWF) gesture, telling other rock stars, corporations, and poseurs to "suck it" . Lu recognizes the band as a threat and sends his minions after them.

Venue 3: Big Royal Ball

Abuse Me - Sevendust

Thoughtless - Korn

Siriena - Sister Nighfall

Duality - Slipknot

Before I'm Dead - The Kidneythieves

Battle Pandora: Crownless - Nightwish

Encore/Battle Lu's minion: Going Under - Evanescence

Special cutscene: In the graveyard: Few strikes of lightning hits a Tombstone and psychobilly emerges as a zombie.

Venue 4: Road Rage (driving as you rock out, like in the intro of Rb and RB2)

Battle Casey Lynch: Joker and the Thief - Wolfmother

Souls of Black - Testament

Im a Cloud - Boy Hits Car

Go with the Flow - Queens of the Stone Age

Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks, Cannibal Girls - White Zombie

Encore/ Battle Lu's minions: Wildest Dream - Iron Maiden

Video : Lu gets desperate and disposes his first minion.

Venue 5: Monster Parade, Japan

Little Busters - The Pillows

Exciter - Bomb Factory

What's Up People! - Maximum the Hormone

The Concept of Love - Hideki Neguma

Reflection - Tool

Soothsayer - Buckethead

Battle Midori/Encore: Brainpower - Freezepop

Venue 6: Lu's Vineyard(from here, play as zombie Psychobilly)

Hell Isn't Good - South Park the movie( the band are on the plane heading straight to Las Vegas, only to get dropped out of the aircraft by the disguised Lu, mile away from destination), the heavy-metal part starts when Lu dumps the band out of the plane, which is 00:33 of the song.

Cutscene: Lu "invites" the band to play a concert, only for him and his posse ambushing them . As Lu's minions were about to make a move, psychobilly strikes down one of them and exacts his revenge against the antagonists.

Venue 6: Lu's Vineyard (from here you play as zombie Psychobilly)

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

Battle minion 1:  Revenge Is A Vulture - 3 Inches of Blood

Battle minion 2: Pirun Nyrkki - Turmion Katilot

Battle minion 3: Reload - Rob Zombie

Battle Lu: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden

Video: As Psychobilly stands tall and Lu crawl down to his feet, the devil grabs his axe, but a bolt of light(God of Rock) strikes the undead rocker, reviving him and gave him ample amount of power to send Lu over the horizon.

Credits: Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden

Additional Songs(in-game):


Journey - Any way you want

Marilyn Manson

Papa Roach

Juda Priest



3 Inches of Blood - Deadly Sinners



Breaking Benjamin - Sugarcoat




Tokio Hotel - Humanoid

Tricky - Excess

Deftones - Change(In The House Of Flies)

Trapt - Still Frame


and more...


Hard rock challenge

metal challenge

battle challenge

"Star-power mania"( play through difficult songs,getting as much points as possible,with constant star power gems, watch
on youtube)

Cry for eternity - Dragonforce


Any Way you Want - Journey



Additional in-game songs (play through an extra venue with at least 4 stars for each song to unlock God of Rock)

venues- Skyscraper rooftop(evening, night, stormy), college campus, music video, haunted ship, Hades(or hell, or plain down below)

Character art

FeaturesSmiley Very HappyLC, video record gameplay/save on game system hard drive

returning features: character creation/customization with extra features(i.e custom character star power graphics and signature moves, adding muscle tone), characters individual star power signature moves and graphics(GH2,GH3 PC PS3 360,original), guitar battle, order of costumes by decade(70's -00)

That's pretty much my idea for the next Guitar Hero Game, for now. I would like to try for DLC, but someone else has made an excellent list of songs, and I've already complimented him on that.

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Changes had been made(adding and switching songs), a little bit, but this is what I would like to see, as a fan of Guitar Hero.

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Love the idea but you got to remember the game is sold world wide not just the US.

So it makes it hard to produce a setlist to make people buy a particular game

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Good idea, kinda similar to my idea that I posted on this forum not long ago.

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'Rebirth'? Really?

Erm, the idea was alright.

I still think cutting back the fat and going back to absolute basics would work best for a reboot.

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Rebirth really isn't the best title, though.

I like 'Encore' or 'Finale' better.

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An "Encore" or "Finale" title would imply an end rather than a beginning. Most of us fans want GH to continue not fade again, and having a title that sounds like an end doesn't elicit a whole lot of enthusiasm going in. I think going back to basics would be good if a new game was released more than a couple years from the last game. At this point I think people are hoping for more rather than less, or some small improvements-perhaps being able to restart a song without backing out during band play. Definitely more dlc.

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I think there needs to be better DLC, not piles of rubbish.

I never stuck with RB3 after the Career mode, purely because the DLC was lacking.

From all songs, I only ever downloaded 'Still Alive' and 'White Knuckles'.

Whereas, I have imported quite a few songs from the GH store and download a few others, too.

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Well rubbish to one is awesomeness to another. The only way to make the most people happy is to make all sorts of music available. We decide what we buy, don't buy the rubbish.

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