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Guitar Hero VI: Tour Bus Time Machine GAME IDEA

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I did not know where to send this, so I'm just posting it here and hoping someone sees this and does something with it.


I think it's fair to say that most of the Guitar Hero community was pretty dissappointed with Guitar Hero LIVE. Not many actual rock songs, none of the cartoon animations that many of us loved, no wacky guitars or characters, and no real story from what I could find. Just an overall dissappointment, which is why I think they need to go back to their roots of guitar hero. Guitar Hero VI: Tour Bus Time Machine!


PLOT: The basic idea I came up with was that you and your buddies want to throw a big party, but can't find any musically acts that you really like. So you decide to travel back in time and bring back the best rockers through the ages for the best party of all time! You travel back to each decade starting in the 60's and all the way up to the 2000's, each decade you will play a total of 10 songs, with 3 venues. Each venue has 3 songs from that era, and the final venue you guitar battle the best guitarist of that era to convince him to join you in your tour bus time machine.


EXAMPLE 1 - THE 80'S: For the 80's the top groups of the time were AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Van Halen, Metallica, Motley Crue, and so many more, much to choose from! You would play Master of Puppets, Girls Girls Girls, Highway to Hell and then move onto the next venue to play 3 more. For this era the best guitarist I would say is SLASH but due to the fact he has been in a previous game I may replace him with Mick Mars or Angus Young.


CUSTOMIZATION: As with past games you will have the option to choose your guitar (which will be the crazy looking ones we all love), guitar necks, your avatar AND possibly your band mates. You can choose a theme and your band mates will take after that look. And for your avatar you will have your main people (I'd love to bring back the original guys from the old games) and then you can unlock more characters through challenges and beating guitarists in battles.


EVENTS: And to stay relevant past the first month or so of release I would suggest online guitar battles, and online monthly challenges. These challenges would have special prizes like new songs, new avatars, new guitars/guitar necks, and new bandmates. The example I though of was a December/Christmas event. Unlock a Krampus or Santa avatar, an icicle shaped guitar with a snowy guitar neck texture. And some songs you could unlock would be O' Come All Ye Faithful by Twisted Sister and Santa Claws by Alice Cooper.


That is my idea, it is pretty new but I feel it has some potential to really revive the franchise. Let me know what you think and anything you'd change or add in!

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