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Guitar Hero World Tour Controller not syncing

Guitar Hero Forums

Hope someone can help. I have PS3 verisons of Guitar Hero World Tour, Warriors of Rock and GH 5. I still have the original Guitar Hero World Tour controller. I found an used dongle for the PS3 for the Guitar (note it does not show on the back of any instrument it is specific for IE Guitar, Drums) The dongle is the dual square one. I have tries everthing that the onternet suggest to sync this controller with the dongle and nothinf works. How can I be sure that the dongle is correct or if the problem is with the controller. Yes, the controller has new batteries. And again, there are not symbols or pictures of instruments on the back of the dongle. I want to play this game, so Activision, Red Octane, please help!!!!!

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Registered: ‎23-07-2017
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