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How effective is it to learn guitar from iPhone apps?

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How effective is it to learn guitar from iPhone apps as opposed to the real guitar. I wanna do this because I just wanna learn the basics of guitar first and I dont want to waste money buying the real guitar. I just want to learn basics and if my will and determination will uphold me. If I can learn basics Ill buy the real thing. depuy asr recall

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I've been playing around with a new iPhone app, Star Guitar, for the last day or so, and it's a sophisticated piece of work that could help beginning guitar players learn how chords fit together into songs, as well as give more experienced songwriters a quick way to record their ideas when they don't have a guitar handy. The designers had to be very clever to fit that many chords on a single screen--essentially, you start by picking one of the seven natural-tone letters (A through G), then adding various modifications (flat or sharp, seventh, major, and suspended fourth). You might have to consult the help screen to figure out exactly which combination of buttons will create a particular chord--for example, a G6 is created by hitting "G" and "major"--but for the most part, if you know your chords, it's fairly intuitive.

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Its not bad to learn guitar through guitar apps or by online guitar lessons.

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