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Why not make a Guitar Hero 7 game

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I think there should be a new Guitar Hero 7 for PS4 ect right away since Rock Band or HMX is having so many issues. I like the original GH 5 controller guitars better. Why can't we have a game like Guitar Hero 7 and have all the awesome songs ever that's not been added yet. I can think of 4,000 songs never been done yet. I think Activision can do better and add better songs if you'd just do it. All servers are crap, me, my friends and everyone around the world is being knocked off online in Rock Band HMX. People are upset and I think it's a perfect time for a Guitar Hero Game! Least Activision cares for their fans. Why isn't there a Guitar Hero 7 yet?

Kevin Huddleston
Guitar Heros Community
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Registered: ‎05-05-2016
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