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GHTV needs more Metal

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion


GHTV needs more Metal

I think i'm not the only one who misses some Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, maybe Amon Amart or countless other Metal Acts, that have so many great Songs which would be fun to play. So instead of adding new Black Veil Brides songs there should be some new 'real' metal releases, like some of the new Metallica Songs, some more melodic death like arch enemy and in flames or maybe even some guitar hero metal classics from the previous games. 

I hope, that there will be more Metal released in the future, because that genre has some of the most difficult songs, that would be so much fun to play. 

Also i think it's a bit dissapointing, that there has been a new premium show released today, without any new songs or live versions of existing songs. 

This game has so much potential. Please don't mess it up... 

 If you agree with me, please write a comment, to let them know that we need some more Metal in this game.

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Re: GHTV needs more Metal

in reply to CrizpexGH

Periphery, The Amity Affliction, more of August Burns Red

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