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Ideas for the future of GH

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

So the guitar hero tv servers are closing. Ever dollar that people spent on the game needs to be refunded. 

And since we're losing like 90% of the game, all the songs should be transfered over to the live mode, or at least most of them. 

Also, we should get updates like every year or so for a new music festival with new songs. 


That's just for this game though. If they manage to make a new guitar hero game in the future after this huge mess of a game, it NEEDS to be perfected. Instead of putting most of the songs on an online mode, make it all offline. Still have an online option of course, but only for vs or co-op, or an arcade mode or something. It's really frustrating when you just wanna play a few songs and you can't because the internet goes out or a server crashes or something. 

The live option was a cool idea, but it's honestly kind of annoying. All the background noise from the crowd just ruins the music. If they bring back the live mode, there should be an option to turn background noise off, and maybe add a story to the game like the old ones had. 


The guitars also seriously need improvement. It seems like a lot of them had problems straight out the box. When i first got mine, one of them just would not sync correctly with the music and i was missing notes left and right, but then i switched guitars and everything was fine. There should also be more options for guitars, rather than just the same old black and gold for every guitar. We need variety. The 6 button format is great, and i think it needs to be kept, but maybe even add two more buttons to really make it challenging. It could be like the old games where if you're on easy or medium, you're only gonna use the first 6, but when you play on hard or a higher difficulty, the other two buttons come into play. 


As for song choices, this game did have a few odd ones. Like who the hell plays guitar hero for avril lavigne? If it were her older songs, i'd understand because everyone knows sk8er boi and complicated, but her newer music?? Why? 

As for everything else, it wasn't a bad idea. I think it's good that instead of only rock and metal we're getting other genres. Dubstep doesn't belong here though. There are no guitars in dubstep, it's all keyboards and turntables. Save dubstep for the next DJ hero game. 

A few song/artist suggestions:

More Linkin Park songs - this game only had one and while it is a good song, it is by no means they're best. Add some of their hits. 

A few more system of a down songs would be nice too, i'm glad they're finally being included. 

Add avenged sevenfold, and not just live songs, that was a terrible idea honestly

I would like to see some more songs from older games too like free bird from guitar hero. 


Pink Floyd-they have some of the best guitar riffs and solos and i'm shocked they still haven't been included

Grateful Dead could be a nice addition


Jimmi Hendrix

and sprinkle in a little bit of three days grace

That's all i have for now as far as song ideas

I know this probably won't be seen by the creators or whatever, but if it is, i really hope this is all taken into account. And for anyone else reading, spread these ideas. I think this is the only way guitar hero can really make a good comeback. 

And don't try to release a new game as soon as possible, take the time to perfect the ***** thing. 



P. S. We need drums and bass guitar back as well. That would really make it fun. 


And don't try to release a new game as soon as possible, take the time to perfect the ***** thing. 


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I feel your pain!


It's scandalous that a company can market a game on it's TV online content then say "up yours" when they feel like it without even compensating the hundreds of $/£ Euro or whatever hard earned cash you've parted with. The game was ill conceived and sought to capture an audience that veered away from it's core support - Greed - was their ultimate downfall - 

I liked the six button format, but it would have been nice for that to have been ten buttons to allow retro compatability with the rest of the GH range.


Hopefully Activison will do the decent thing and allow either downloads of say 100 songs or release patches for the older titles to make the new controllers retro compatable (They are on easy mode - but where's the challenge in that???


Come on @activision show some moral fibre....

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