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Please make new show blocks and icons for new songs

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion


Please make new show blocks and icons for new song...

I was wondering if you could show some more support with the channels and do more show blocks?


Here is a list of names that would make good show blocks


Metal A-Z

Metal Smashes

All About Metal

Metal Giants

Metal Jams

Metal RIffs

Metal Bites Back

Rock Classics

Rock Hits

Classic Rock Jams

All About Classic Rock

Pure Rock

Hard Rock Jams

Pop Punk Hour

Pop Punk A-Z

Pop Punk Jams

GHTV Does Pop Punk

Pop Punk Icons

Pop Punk Takes Control

Pop Punk Now

I Need Pop Punk

World Of Pop Punk

Pop Punk Reloaded

Iconic Riffs

Pure Melodies

Top Melodies

Top Smashes

Fantastic Jams

Songs - The Letter A


Any many more ideas could be done, just please make new show blocks and as i enjoy the channels so much, if you want activision you can send me a message and i'm happy to do it for you for free


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