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Returning game with friends.

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion


My friends and I have all bought GHLive to play competitively with each other and to have a new twist on Expert mode with a new button layout (which is amazing by the way, not going to critique that). 

At first we were thinking of returning the game (there are 125 of us in my local community, so a LOT of copies of the game) because we found we could not stream, even IF we muted the music sound, which is ridiculous (they should just auto mute music so viewers can play it on their own and watch). 

THEN we found out you can't screenshot your scores to post on our local community page, which made competition OBSOLETE!!!!

However we decided to keep the game and just play when we are together in person at the community hall, as much as the lack of stream options sucked we understodd.


NO I HEAR WE ARE LOSING GHTV!!!! That is the ONLY reason I play since the tracks on Live (solo play) SUCK BALLS!!! I wouldnt play offline mode if it was the only game I had. Small selection and the songs just suck (random rap and techno songs tossed in there).


That will be 125 copies of Guitar Hero Live being returned due to this decision, and that is just my local group, I guarantee a TON of people will be doing the same.

(I asked the local distributor and told them since the game had content I am paying for, and now are removing it I should be able to refund, since now I am not getting what I paid for initially. That is like promising youll fix someones roof and kitchen, then them paying for it then me turning around and saying only the roof now.)


I run a competitive GH group over in Calgary, AB and we have grown exponentially since the release of this game. But this is a kick to the nuts for anyone who has put time and money into it. 


Just saying, maybe make better business decisions? You have a great game but are destroying it yourselves in more ways than one.

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