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Use a Ps3 guitar on Ps4 ? Usar guitarra doPs3 no Ps4?

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion


can i use a ps3 guittarra on ps4 if i buy ps4 receiver dongle
i want to buy the guitar hero live game but the ps4 version is more expensive than the ps3 one so i was wondering if i couldn't buy the ps4 game and the receiver is a ps3 guitar


posso usar uma guittarra de ps3 no ps4 se comprar o dongle receptor do ps4
quero comprar o jogo guitar hero live mas a versao de ps4 é mais cara q a de ps3 então estava pensando se não poderia comprar o jogo e o receptor de ps4 e uma guitarra de ps3

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Registered: ‎05-08-2019
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