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Why end the most fun I’ve had for years

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

So I’ll be expecting a email with details on how I can get my money back from all I’ve spent on this game for years... This is absolutely ridiculous! I have had nothing but good memories with this game and so have my friends! We all put so much time and money into playing this game. So when the severs go offline I will be selling my game and all my guitars and I will never touch a Activision guitar hero game again! I’ll switch to Clone Hero. You’d like to that I is for being valued customers and we like to thank you for STABBING US IN THE BACK! Have fun trying to sell guitar hero games now because you really made everyone mad Activision! 

XFMG Spadez
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Registered: ‎21-09-2018

Totalmente deacuerdo, un juego tan bueno tirado a la basura ya solo jugando a live no sirve de nada.... si van a desconectar los servidores que manden una actualizacion para poder jugar a tv local...


siempre estuve apostando a Guitar Hero mas q a Rockband, pero que cagada en serio.

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