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respect their consumers ACTIVISION

Guitar Hero Live General Discussion

Why end GHTV? Release DLC of the music in respect to its consumers.
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Registered: ‎05-06-2018

They don't care.. the funny things it is that you can still buy the game on Amazon and in some big elettronic shop.. it is incredible!! you can find also the bundle with 2 guitars!! what will you do when GHTV will be off.. you can't even play with your brothers off line.. this is sh*t and no one do nothing.. Activision care only about his profit and don't care about our money... i hate them for this.. it is not correct.. i bought game two weeks ago and now i can find in promotion also in local store that is incredible and Activision don't find better solution than switch off their server.. they could give possibility to buy some package with off line songs.. a guitar game with only 42 songs it is a died game.. thanks Activision!!

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Registered: ‎07-06-2018
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