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Guitar Hero Live Music Discussion


Linkin Park - Papercut

Linkin Park - One More Light

Linkin Park - Guilty All The Same

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Honestly I think the thing I want most is any song from Rhapsody of Fire. There’s a ton of amazing songs that they have like Dawn of Victory, Pride of the Tyrant, and Holy Thunderforce to name just an absolute few.

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'Lady in Gold' and 'Devil Man' both by Blues Pills

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PLEASE Add in lay down by priestess. It was in guitar hero 3 and was one of my personal favourites as i loved to bounce my fingers across the keys for that song.

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Hey guys would love to see My Sharona by the The Knack and sweet child o mine by guns and roses if you could please two great guitar rifts in there

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Know your enemy - Greenday

Black Betty - Ram Jam

My Sharona - The Knack

Sweet Child O’Mine - Guns and Roses


Please add these they have great rifts

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All i want is

3 Doors Down - Here By Me

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U2 - One

Guns N’ Roses - Welcom To The Jungle

Guns N’ Roses - Live And Let Die

Pearl Jam - Alive

Pearl Jam - Black

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

The Rolling Stones - Angie

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

The Rolling Stones - It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll

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in reply to Anouk-12331

Gh live is dead it' shutting down on November 30th 2018 ghtv will be getting no more updates or songs Activision has screwed us all over yet again . Don' buy any more Activision published stuff as they don' care about the customer but anyways read up on it it' on here Activision are closing gh live dude sell the game while you still can get money for it and buy rock band 4 harmonix are way Better anyways

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Anything by Wallows, such as: These Days, Pictures of Girls, Pleasure, and 1980s Horror Film

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