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Guitar Hero Live Music Discussion

And these:

Escape the Fate- Just a Memory

Wednesday 13- Planet Eater- Interstellar 187

Wednesday 13- I Aint Got Time to Bleed

The 69 Eyes- Rosary Blue

Saint Asonia- Dying Slowly

Saint Asonia- Waste My Time

The 69 Eyes- Pitchblack

The 69 Eyes- Dead Girls Are Easy

Suicide Silence- No Pity for a Coward

Tremonti- Another Heart

Rammstein- Engel

Rammstein- Sonne

Rammstein- Ich Will

Lifehouse- First Time

Triptykon- Shatter

As I Lay Dying- The Darkest Nights

As I Lay Dying- An Ocean between Us

As I Lay Dying- Forsaken

As I Lay Dying- Through Struggle

Of Mice & Men- The Depths

Nirvana- The Man Who Sold the World

Framing Hanley- Alone In This Bed (Capeside)

Framing Hanley- Photographs and Gasoline

Jimmy Eat World- Appreciation

Beartooth- In Between

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I would like to see A Year From Now by Across Five Aprils.

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I would like to see A Year From Now by Across Five Aprils.

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Of course these as well:

Dance Gavin Dance- The Jiggler

Dance Gavin Dance- Honey Revenge

Dance Gavin Dance- Eagles vs. Crows

Dance Gavin Dance- Death of a Strawberry

Dance Gavin Dance- Elder Goose

Dance Gavin Dance- NASA

Dance Gavin Dance- Carl Barker

Dance Gavin Dance- Strawberry Swisher Pt.1

Dance Gavin Dance- Me and Zoloft Get Along Just Fine

Dance Gavin Dance- Caviar

Dance Gavin Dance- Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most

Dance Gavin Dance- And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman

Dance Gavin Dance- Turn off The Lights I’m Watching Back to the Future

  1. P.O.D- Southtown
  2. P.O.D- Will You
  3. P.O.D- Roots in Stereo

My Morning Jacket- Wordless Chorus

System of a Down- Prison Song

System of a Down- Dreaming

Panic! At The Disco- but it’s better If You Do

Panic! At The Disco- Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

Bloodhound Gang- Chew Toy

Falling In Reverse- Chemical Prisoner

Falling In Reverse- Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards

  Falling In Reverse- Just Like You

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30 Seconds To Mars- The Kill

Rage Against the Machine- Ghost of Tom Joad

Linkin Park- Runaway 

Linkin Park- In The End

Linkin Park- Paper cut

Linkin Park- My December

Linkin Park- Faint

Linkin Park- One Step Closer 

Hoobastank- Crawling In The Dark

10 Years- Wasteland

Smashing Pumpkins- Disarm

David Lee Roth- Going Crazy

David Lee Roth- California Girls

David Lee Roth- Yankee Rose

Kings of Leon- Closer

Talk Talk- Talk Talk

Talk Talk- It's my life 

Motley Crue- To Young To Fall In Love

Motley Crue- Home Sweet home 

Motley Crue- Dr Feel Good 

Motley Crue- Wild Side 

Iron Maiden- Flight To Irrcus 

Iron Maiden- Run To The Hills 

Iron Maiden- The Trooper

Iron Maiden- The Number of The Beasts

A Perfect Circle- Judith

Pantera- Planet Caravan 

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Last post for now as i cant think of any more. Apologies for all of the posts and long posts:

Bloodhound Gang- Yummy Down on This

Suicide Silence- Blue Haze

In This Moment- Whore

Motionless In White- Immaculate Misconception

Motionless In White- Reincarnate

Motionless In White- Everybody Sells Cocaine

Billy Talent- Try Honesty

Billy Talent- Pins And Needles

Billy Talent- Surrender

Papa Roach- Falling Apart

Papa Roach- Gravity

Marilyn Manson- Deep Six

Marilyn Manson- Heart Shaped Glasses

Marilyn Manson- Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Marilyn Manson- Tourniquet

  Marilyn Manson- The Dope Show

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Message in The Bottle - Police

Roxanne - Police


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They should include songs from other countries as well.

Can I request for some songs from our local band group: SLAPSHOCK.

Here's a sample song: Cariño Brutal.

Check it in Youtube if you wanna check them out.

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Personally I'd like to see some jam band material in GHL. I know its a long shot but hey, it can never hurt to give suggestions :-)

Moe. - Captain America, OkayAlright

Phish - Runaway Jim, Golgi Apparatus, Run Like An Antelope, Tweezer, Llama, Ocelot, You Enjoy Myself, Down With Disease

Grateful Dead - Scarlet Begonias, Deal, Fire On The Mountain, Touch of Grey,  Casey Jones, Sugar Magnolia, Truckin', Cold Rain and Snow, Hell In A Bucket

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Regenerate - Fear Factory

Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

Sick,Sick,Sick - Queens of the Stone Age

Ghost Divison - Sabaton

Circe - Ghost

Easy Livin' - Uriah Heep

Do Me A Favor - Stone Sour

Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh

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