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Bought a bundle with two Guitars, both have defects.

Guitar Hero Live Support


Hello, I received the Guitar Hero Live Supreme Party Edition on PS4 for Christmas. In the package, the codes for the Hero Cash/coins and plays were expired and both guitars have defects. The one guitar has sticky buttons which I see is a common issue, the other guitar has unresponsive strums, which I read is also another common issue. This is NOT a calibration issue, everybody with thease issues are told to check calibration or to remove the keys and blow to remove dirt. 


I tried to set up a Warranty claim, but I had no option to replace a guitar controller, just the dongle or a battery cover. If possible, I would like to get these guitars replaced, as I really enjoy this game and would like to have properly working controllers. Thank you.

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Registered: ‎04-11-2015
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