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Can i still play the ghtv songs on december 1st 2018

Guitar Hero Live Support

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It appears not - Frankly, Activision have taken decided that despite spending hundreds of £'s / $'s on hardware and software to support them that they can simply abandon GH Live customers with a controller that is useless on any titles but this one.....


A decent company would at least offer the ability to download the tracks to store on the hard drive and expand the paltry somewhat lack lustre range included with the Live portion of the game.


Activision made the mistake of trying to make GH Live appeal to a wider audience than the core GH 1,2,3 did.... Whilst there was an initial surge - They soon lost intrest and those of us that are still faithful supporters of the genre are left to pick up the pieces..... It's disgusting - Especially when the game was heavily marketed on the TV aspects of the game - There must be some sort of advertising/ legal breach they've made.....


Quite frankly I'm furious - I've supported Activision since the days of the Atari 2600 - But I'll make a concerted effort to avoid buying another title after this.....


Maybe Blizzard will re-launch the GH franchise - I'd even pay for a version of the older games re-designed to use the new controller (As mine are worn out and a new one is £70 for the original titles) - Ironically, I'd just bought 4 new GH Live controllers when I saw the " We don't realy give a ***** about your money - We're turning our servers off" message - 


Thanks Activision - You don't even have the decency to wait until after the Christmas period.


Sorry to hijack your thread with a rant - It just seems that I'm unable to contact Activision

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anyone know what time zone they're shutting this down at?


Is it like the end of the day on 12/01 like Hawaii time? So we have all of 12/01?

Or is it like at the beginning of the day on 12/01 like Australia/Japan time?


Anyone remember for other game server shutdowns when Activision pulled the plug?


I wish we had until the end of the year for this. I'm so close to another trophy, but I think I would need until the end of the day on 12/01. There's 4 more trophies that I am totally out of reach of given the time I started on this game Smiley Sad

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We ripped the songs for Clone Hero so we still have them.


The GHTV servers are still up but it's some stupid killswitch file that gets sent to your console everytime you load up GHL, GG activi$ion

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