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Double downstrum

Guitar Hero Live Support


Double downstrum

I recently purchased Guitar Hero Live with two controllers. I'm loving the game and one of my controller works perfectly, but the second one does not. That controller double strums quite often when I downstrum. The guitar works perfectly when I upstrum, and the double strum issue is repeatable in the game menus, so it IS NOT a calibration issue.


Does anyone in the community have a fix? I see this issue is pretty common but I'm not seeing recommendations to fix it. Optimally, I'd like to get a free replacement for the controller, but I'm having a hard time actually getting in touch with an Activision representative.


So if you're a frustrated player who's gone through this - any recommendations?


And if you're someone from Activision - can I get a replacement? Guitar controllers don't show up on your Warranty page so I don't know what to do.

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