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GH Live Xbox360 freezes after couple of songs, music keeps playing

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GH Live Xbox360 freezes after couple of songs, mus...

I recently started using my Xbox360 again and bought GH Live for it.

Everything starts well. I played the offline part of the game with no problems. Then wanted to try GHTV through Xbox Live. All well, no lag what so ever.

After a bit of playing the screen suddenly freezes in the middle of a song. Music keeps playing in the background. Can't get back to the Xbox Dashboard either, have to shut down the system. It keeps happening after a couple of songs. Sometimes also while going through the GHTV Menu.


My internet connection is wired and stable and well over the minimum required download/upload speed.

I first thought it would be overheating of the Xbox console itself, but it doesn't crash and music keeps running in the background.


Anyone who can help me finding the solution?

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