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GH Live for Xbox One: guitar controller won't sync with the wireless receiver dongle.

Guitar Hero Live Support

Both the controller and wireless receiver dongle keep on flashing rapidly. I've tried numerous times to connect it through different usb ports and even putting the guitar next to the dongle but all attempts were fruitless.

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I had to use usb extender cord to bring adapter away from back of xbox one to get it to stayed synced. Still messes up some

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Hi Mudman007,

Please try the following to see if this helps:

The controller is searching for the wireless receiver and cannot find it. Make sure that the USB receiver is properly inserted into your console. If the receiver has been removed, do the following:

  1. Power down your console and guitar controller.
  2. Reinsert the USB receiver.
  3. Restart your console.
  4. Restart Guitar Hero Live.
  5. Re-sync your guitar controller.

If your USB receiver is properly inserted in the console, check to see if you have any other USB devices inserted in your console. Certain USB devices may generate interference that will prevent the receiver from receiving data. Remove the interfering devices.

You can find additional information here Activision Support .

Regards ^AH

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I bought GH Live for Xbox One today, installed the game and followed the instruction manual for syncing up the guitar controller and the USB dongle plugged into the console. Have tried again and again to sync them up, the red lights flash as they should on both the dongle and the guitar but they don't connect. I have no other USB devices plugged into my Xbox and have tried the old trick of resetting the console and the game and unplugging the dongle etc...
Nothing is working and haven't yet been able to get past the very first start screen of the game let alone play the game.
As both the lights are flashing on the USB dongle and the guitar controller, I'm at a lost at what to replace, is it the guitar that is the problem or the dongle?

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I have done all the things that have been asked on this to connect my guitar and it still won't connect 

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I am having the same problem as mudman.

Was syncing, now won't sync at all. Lights flash fast on dongle and controller but they won't connect with each other. Tried all 3 ports and the same issue, new batteries in controller and the same. Power the console off and on and the the way.....we should not have to keep powering our consoles off and on all the time to fix this problem!!

Game now unplayable.

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Thanks to the support team, who sent out a new usb dongle pretty much straight away. Synced immediately.

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Well that would be pretty effing nice, if they would reply to my tweets instead of prioritizing COD players that can't do their challenges. BOO EFFING HOO.

I need to replace this defective piece of turd, somebody help me!

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I got the same problem over here, the first day it worked, now ost of the time the dongle doesn't even turns on its red light. sometimes he does and my guitar shows the first red light so it should e working but my xbox doesn't react on it.

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I am also having the same problem as mudman but my dongle isn't even lighting up.

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