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GHLive and Guitar Issue

Guitar Hero Live Support


GHLive and Guitar Issue

So I just got the game today. When playing GHLive there is a terrible delay between me and the game, I've tried re-calibration and it doesn't fix a thing. But when I play GHTV, this problem does not exist. So I am not sure how to fix this problem. My guitar will also double strum quite frequently; I'm not sure if it does this during songs, but it most definetly double strums in the menus, as well as any other non-playing actions. Any help would be much appreciated.

LoneZ Gamer
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Re: GHLive and Guitar Issue

in reply to LoneZ Gamer

You've probably already tried this, i was just looking through to see if i can help, but did you try auto recalibration? I think its called game calibration. Sorry if this didn't help.

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