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GHTV PS3 constantly Disconnecting

Guitar Hero Live Support


GHTV PS3 constantly Disconnecting

it sucks to see this game dead, it really does.

support for this game at this point is inexsitant anymore,

and my issue will probably never be fixed...

i've got GHL for PS3 brand new for 5$ with the guitar last week and been having problems with GHTV ever since.

the problem is that, GHTV works, but it would disconnect 3-15 minutes into gameplay.

with various random error messages that basically mean absolutely nothing...

this is really annoying quite honestly, pretty much renders this game unplayable and if it wasn't for the guitar included for the 5$ this would've been a complete waste.

and if you start saying stuff like "oh dude, just open your ports!"

yeah, like i didn't try that... i've did everything possible - router wise, and this still keeps happening.

my internet connection speed is 200 megs down 20 megs up, the PS3 itself works on 40 megs down 5 megs up (PS3 Limitations) and its connected with an Ethernet cable.

all the ports for both GHTV/GHLIVE and PSN(including PS3 specific) are open, the PS3 is working on a static IP adress, i've cleared GHTV cache enough times already.

i've even put the PS3 in a DMZ and still nothing.

NAT Type set to 2 so that also shouldn't be an issue (obviously it is impossible to have NAT Type 1 on a DSL connection duh)


and this really sucks, because even though the most majority of the songs in this game are mediocre at best (good things ain't cheap) it is still fun but unplayable.

which is actually idiotic since i have this on PS4 as well, and as everyone knows the game itself is crashing on the PS4 and xbox One very frequently too.

but this seems to be more of a connection issue rather than the game itself crashing.

and even though i didn't even mention the hardware lockup that this game causes to the PS3 (yeah it literally makes my PS3 completely freeze after a while too).

i'm surprised Activision even bothers to keep the servers still online, who are they keeping them online to? most people can't even play the game because of how broken it is...

and i've tried giving this game a 2nd chance on a platform i've heard this games runs fine at, i really did...

but i honestly give up...

i'll just go back to playing oldschool GH and Rock Band 4.


i'm not expecting support to bother assisting in this, they don't seem to reply to anyone's questions for the past year anyway...


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