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Guital Hero Live switch off servers on 1st decembre!!

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Guital Hero Live switch off servers on 1st decembr...

Hi guyes, it is a pity Activision decide to switch off GHL tv server since 1st December 2018!! I bought game two weeks ago in Amazon and I found not honest they already stop since 1st June the market !! Thanks can you still sell your game if 85% of the game will died in less than 6 months?? Is it normal?? For every game there is always some client happy other no every game have  its problem but stop a services after 2 years and half it is not respectful!! We pay for it!! In 2016 you release 2 guitar version bundle and now after December you can not even play with your brother at home in off line because you switch off GHL TV services!!! That is very STUPID!! I will give back my guitar at Amazon because that is a stupid way to act again clients .... you can sell something that it is going to died after less than 6 months!!! Thanks Activision!!! Think only about Call of Duty !!! And why you don't give any possibility to play all songs ..i can't buy bonus and in less than 6 months It is impossible collect so many coins to play all game so it is really not honest!!! I can't also download any song... you can't give possibility to make an update and let me buy some bonuspack with some songs??? No!! The reality it is that you are not Interest about our money...just think about yourself. Bye Activision !!! You need change your way to make game and care about your fans...because without us you will not survive we are the one that buy your products and we are the reason of your success so meditate about it !! Hope you find a better solution than treat us like shxt ...

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Registered: ‎07-06-2018
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