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Guitar Hero Live: Wireless Sensory Issues with the Controller (Model 0000654)

Guitar Hero Live Support

Two Fridays ago, I had purchased myself a copy of Guitar Hero Live that had come with its Guitar Controller (Model 0000654) and respective Wireless Receiver/Dongle (Model 87422805), the Dongle works perfectly as it is intended to but the controller is giving me debatably the roughest experience that I have ever had with a Wireless controller of any form in the past ten years and change.
There are two major issues that I am experiencing with the Model 0000654, which are listed below in detail; please note that this happens to this controller even with my AA Batteries at Full Power:
~ You can only use it for Five Seconds at a time: The user of this controller must have the Pair/Home Button held down at all times after syncing it to even get an input; however, when this is done, the controller will only remain active for roughly one and a half hundred video frames for five seconds (the Input Framerate is about thirty per second), the Red Player Light on the controller will go off after said time and the pairing process must be done again.
~ Inputs will only be read if the Player Light is On: The second that the Pair/Home Button is let go of, inputs stop being read altogether, the Player Light(s) go off instead of staying on (it's supposed to stay lit up) and the pairing process must be repeated.
Based on my rigourous searches for this issue across the past twenty days on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, and any relevant Activision pages on the main site that have support and troubleshooting for GH Live, it appears to me that I have possibly one of the more rarer occurrences with this controller's hardware faults, as nobody seemingly has it; my presumption is that it is an issue with the motherboard in the region where the Wireless Sensor is suppposed to pick up the signal from the Dongle, perhaps even the wiring of the motherboard or certain other parts of the controller are broken internally and I cannot properly tell from the naked eye, even with a disassembly of it.
In the event that anybody knows what is happening with this controller and can assist me on the matter, then please do respond to this thread as soon as you can, any help is better than getting none at all; if video evidence of this issue is requested, I will make the honest attempt to record footage of this issue in action, anything to help document this as much as possible and to potentially make it easier for others to remedy this factor themselves.
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Registered: ‎07-02-2018
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