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So, I have Guitar Hero Live on my XBOX ONE. Which is a Console. So, I found out they ended GHTV. But we were also informed that it wouldn't go away from Console owners. SO WHY IS MINE GONE. There wasn't an update that I took. I also got my Guitar Hero Live before the date that said we would be provided with currency. So, please, do explain EXACTLY what happened to my GHTV. It is literally the only reason I bought this game and I'm looking for an EXPLANATION.

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Registered: ‎08-01-2018
in reply to xRUNxNxGUNx33x

So they had to completely shut down the live TV portion of guitar hero live (I'm guessing that licenses were up for the songs they had licensed and they don't have Enough players playing and purchasing things from the live TV store) but what they ment by console players is the live mode that has the songs that came with the game already is still available but the live TV is shut down permanately.

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