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Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live Support

I would like to know how I can receive a refund for my game?  I spent over $100 of my money specifically for the online content.   I never received my GH cash after contacting support with no response back from them .  I feel as if I have been deceived by Activision and it has left me with feelings of false advertisement from them.  I purchased the 2 guitar edition of this game and it is now useless .   I am not even capable of reselling this game to someone else as nobody wants this game because of the unavailable online gaming content .   I am very unhappy and have spent a great deal of my residual income with Activision .   I have been a consumer and supporter since Pitfall.  I hope to hear from someone in regards to this in a timely manner.   

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Registered: ‎12-01-2019
in reply to IrateArtist3741

Hopefully they'll release all the GHTV content as a free DLC. That will bring some fun back to the game...

I bought the party pack as well, I think it was 80 bucks or so. No response yet about a refund but frankly I'd rather have the content than my money back.

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Registered: ‎01-02-2019
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