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Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock xbox 360

Guitar Hero Live Support


Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock xbox 360

I need to find a way to get in contact with support in regards to my copy of guitar hero warriors of rock for Xbox 360. I bought the game, for about $100.00 at a local Walmart shortly after it was released in the bundle pack with the guitar and game disc included. I attempted to play it at the time but kept getting a disc read error and could only play for 30 minutes tops. The guitar worked flawlessly for 3 years for my other band games and was actually my favorite of all the guitar controllers. What I'm hoping to do here is maybe get a replacement disc (I still have the original disc)  because I've read that this was a fairly common problem at the time only I didn't know it,  either because I wasn't paying attention to gamer news or it wasn't widely advertised that there was an issue with the disc. I would add pictures of my disc but apparently the files are too big to upload here and I don't know how to get around that.  Hopefully I get some sort of response, thanks. 

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