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Guitar Hero compatibility enquiry

Guitar Hero Live Support

Bit of an odd one and about 5 years too late, I understand.. 

Basically I have bought my son the One X and a few games, mostly from the Guitar Hero series and had a question.


I am aware that the GH Live controller USB and connection process on the One is different from the 360 but I wondered if, as I have the game for 360, we played the 360 disc on the One but used the dongle and controller for the Xbox One version, would it work? 

I've looked for an answer online but so far I've only found lots of threads about whether or not the 360 controller works on the Xbox One (which it won't as per the connectivity differences I mentioned earlier)


Any help or past experience results if anyone has tried it or has the time and means to try it would be greatly appreciated.


And I know the option of 'Just buy the proper stuff dummy!' is the sane solution, I just have some family members with different pieces of 360/One GHL accessories and my kids want to play together so if I don't have to go out and buy multiple sets, I would rather do that.


Thanks in advance!

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GH(any of the titles) aren't on the Microsoft list of retro-compatability for the xbox one and sadly, given @activision 's lack of response to all of the posts, it's unlikely to be ( also given as they did release the game specifically for the xbox one).


Just to make sure - I have tried it and it doesn't work - Sorry!

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As far as I know - You can use the same controller on all platforms - You just need the correct dongle which is about £4 or $5...

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