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I can%27t believe that I won%27t be able to play GHTV passed December and I am furious.

Guitar Hero Live Support


I can%27t believe that I won%27t be able to play G...

I have spent over $100 dollars on the game "Guitar Hero Live" and now I get a message saying that Activision is going to shut down all GHTV which in all technicality is 80% of the game and the songs available. I have first bought guitar hero live for PS4 but ended up not playing it much due to family times so I bought a new Guitar Hero Live for the Xbox 360 since I loved playing the game, especially mainly the GHTV, now only having guitar hero live for nearly 1 year and a half, seeing that GHTV is going bye-bye, I am furious and can't believe Activision would do that for a game that has only been around for 3 years, I will no longer promote Activision, and will refuse to buy any games from them. This is a huge problem and flaw, people are losing money due to this pathetic decision from Activision.

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Registered: ‎01-07-2018
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