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If GHTV is Shutting Down, Why Can't You (Activision) Make the GHTV SOngs Available on Quickplay?

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If GHTV is Shutting Down, Why Can't You (Activisio...

I ask this with hope, because otherwise the game becomes infinitely less re-playable. The tracklist on quickplay is not near the standard and the quantity as on GHTV. For Activision, I understand if they do not want to pay to maintain an old server, but if that closes and there's no money to be made on plays and virtual currency, they should have nothing to lose in making the songs available for quickplay. The music videos could be downloadable in one big update as they are already stored somewhere. It would also give a reason for new players to buy the game and be back into the series in time for when another guitar hero game is made - let alone avoiding the problem that comes when people buy the game, which isn't that old considering GH is not a yearly release like a sports game, and can't connect, making half of the game (possibly the best half) inaccessible.


Please consider it Activision. You could even monetize a one-time fee of around £6.99 for all the songs, if you had to.

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