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If GHTV is Shutting Down, Why Can't You (Activision) Make the Songs Available on Offline Quickplay?

Guitar Hero Live Support

Yeah, I just bought the game as well and it suuucks so much I'm stuck with just the basic songs! WTF? Why can't they just sell them in a shop instead of keeping up the 24/7 GHTV server...

Not cool at all...

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Totally i agree,  they must to available all musics for download for quick play in a full pack or split. i'll pay for it, but if gonna free, i love you eternety Activion, and new players coming to the game. I bougth this game on last year for xbox one, and stoped to play some months, but guitar hero is like ride on bicycle, sometimes we fell nostalgia to play classics and feel the rock power. Please brought Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine as well.
Too you could to create any votation for choose new songs for include on quick play.

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I want a full refund! Otherwise give us the DLC update to play our game!

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I literally bought guitar hero live a couple days ago for the ghtv and to now only just find out that it’s not available and that I cant even get a refund because I don’t live in the USA it’s painfull to hear as I have just wasted my money, if Activision were to as you say add the song into quick play that would be great.

undead vulture
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Totally agree. I would buy a dlc with all the songs. Im so disappointed 

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I had my Guitar in the basement for some months... now I see this. How is this even possible in EU?! I'm in Germany, I can't believe our "Verbaucherschutzzentrale" (central for customer care) already knows about this. They probably will force a dlc solution for customers or also a refund for German / EU- citizens (and probably even a big sticker on EVERY package still out there :-) ).
Will respond....
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Never going to happen, the people who worked on the game is not even there anymore or able to work on it.

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