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My guitar is not syncing to the dongle. I have done everything to think of. What do I do?

Guitar Hero Live Support

I recently purchased my guitar hero live. I attempted to connect the guitar to the dongle and for some reason, it does not pick it up. The dongle blinks the way it should but the guitar only blinks one at a time at an above average speed instead of blinking all at once first. I have gotten a replacement for the dongle and still nothing so I know it is something with the guitar. Mind you, I have even tried connecting it on several other ps4's. When I go to the Bluetooth setting on my ps4 it shows bleguitar but when I click it, it says this system does not support this Bluetooth, yet it has shown that on even the newer ps4 I attempted to connect it on. I've done a soft reset and everything you could possibly think of. I do not know what to do next. I know Activision is only trying to help but making something like this that seems to be a lot of trouble for many people is ridiculous. I just wanted to enjoy this game that brought me back to my childhood honestly. Let me know of anything you can think of. Thanks!

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Registered: ‎02-08-2018
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