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Please Help. Tried everything posted online.

Guitar Hero Live Support


Please Help. Tried everything posted online.

Hello. We have an Xbox one. Playing Guitar Hero Live. New out of the box today. Cannot connect to TV part of game. Message states Cannot Connect to Server. Try again later. We have unplugged the Xbox and router from the wall on both for 10 minutes. We've cleared the cache  of the game AND Xbox. We've tried later on too. GH server shows UP. Xbox server shows Normal.  This is not our first GH rodeo. We had the same issue last year with another set we purchased. Took months before we could play. It just showed up at random which was a surprise. But considering what money we've put into this game we shouldn't only have to play half a game. Can anyone offer a true solution? And not the canned response acrivistion posts in all of the queries I've read for the last two hours please. Thanks a bunch. Anna

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Re: Please Help. Tried everything posted online.

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You need to turn off UPnP setting of your router. It worked for me. Sorry for bad english btw Smiley Happy
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