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Songs are missing from GHTV

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Songs are missing from GHTV


There are 200 songs on this spreadsheet that have been mapped with difficulties, and not adding them would be a major waste of money. Because GHTV is an ongoing service with Activision itself supporting the new additions, taking over from where FSG left off.


One user [not going to mention their name] is extremely certain that the metal show will be the final update, as it was the final setlist with time stamps. [The premium shows are now updating once a month and run for three weeks each. The fourth week is presumably a time where Activision Publishing seeks out a new monthly show.] There may or may not be a July show.

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Re: Songs are missing from GHTV

in reply to fifimcfeef
That guy is me, so far there has been no signs of new songs are coming next month but in 2 weeks i will find out as it will load the name of the premium after 1 week of when face melting metal 1 is on the reward page.

If it's a name of a old premium then it's likely that there won't be anymore new songs, it's also possible all them songs are not finished and charted.

Lot of the songs preview times are set at 0 and 21000 so they likely not done, and lot of the songs seem to be set at level 5.

Some songs have preview times which the lines has always been the same from the first cache i got but it did get a song edit as the markup revision got a new id.

But on the first cache i got there was no charts for
"I'm Good"
"Dance of the Dead"
"Through Blood and Dirt and Bone"
"Black Hole Sun"
"Rusted Nail"
"Two Cents"
"Two Fingers"
"Take It from Me"
"I Am Mine"
"Move Along"
"Somebody Told Me"

Which was charted in November.

I don't really know what will happen, all we can do is hope for the best.
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Re: Songs are missing from GHTV

in reply to Captainoffun22

From the looks of things, the May/June charts and songs were made and selected by Activision itself. This means that either Activision will ignore the songs in the cache, or they will select different songs.

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