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[Wii U] Local game and low FPS...

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[Wii U] Local game and low FPS...



I bought Guitar Hero for Wii U and I'm very disappointed. I'm playing only in local (not online) and the FPS is low. It's very disturbing. I also tried on another Wii U/TV to a friend and same problem. He also noticed the low frame rate. 


I'm not talking about the synchronisation between the image and the guitar, but about the musical notes which come faster and slower, they "jump".


Is there any solution for this issue ? I don't understand why I'm the only one who's complaining about this. I've did some searches on Google but nobody had this problem on Wii U...


I did some video. You can see the "lag" if you focus on the notes coming in the middle of the screen


Thank you






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