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can't pass the "press any button on guitar controller"

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can't pass the "press any button on guitar control...

Help please, 

i get guitar hero live on PS4 for christmas, it works fine 2 times but now i don't understand what's wrong.

I can't pass the "press any button on guitar controller", i tried all the advices i read on the forum,

[ 1. Plug a wireless receiver (dongle) into a USB spot on the console

2. Turn on the guitar with the Power Sync button located on the body of the guitar

3. When you see the light turn on press the Power Sync button on the guitar again

-If done correctly the light should start blinking rapidly

4. Now press the button on the USB receiver

-The light on that receiver should also start blinking rapidly

5. Now both lights, on the guitar and the receiver, should be solid



1. Power down your Guitar Hero Live controller and console.

2. Remove your USB receiver from your console.

3. Replace your USB receiver in your console and power it back up.

4. Turn on your Guitar Hero Live controller and re-sync it with your game.]


none of them works, even if i start the ps4 with the guitar controller, with the normal hand controller unplugged, il doesn't works ; and i'm sure that the guitar controller is well sync.

thanks for your answers

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Registered: ‎09-02-2017
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