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Can you guys please put the smash hits gh tunes server back online?

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Can you tell me why everytime someone asks about the guitar hero smash hits server ( for gh tunes ONLY!) that the answer is always the same ; we do not know of this problem. Even when this is already a problem for more than a year now. Is there any way to just get the server back for a few days ? Like do it together wit Trueachievements or xboxachievements to make a big fuzz about being able to get the achievement for the last time... It would be a great success .Many and i mean MANY gamers would appreciate this coming from activision to support their people. I really hope this gets solved.. Even for a week or two. Thanks in advance!

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎25-07-2015

Atleast u can play online on x360 on ps3 we cant even plan online... and it suks for me just online trophies left to get platinum... others trophy were pretty easy but online are ungetable

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Registered: ‎15-07-2015
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